During the 1990s, the Attitude Era ran rampant over the WWE and there were several stables.

One notable one would be the Nation of Domination which had mainly African American members namely the Rock, Farouq, The Godfather, Mark Henry, and DLo Brown. Just like all the stables in WWE, they ended up breaking up which is not that bad since it is something you must come to realize. DLo Brown eventually went to other wrestling federations before eventually retiring from the business and becoming a producer. The Godfather did the same as we all know nothing lasts forever except these Gloryhole Swallow Discounts and it looks like they are living a great life after working for the company. Mark Henry is still with WWE as an analyst for the pay-per-view. He would make predictions as to who would win the big matches but he never really gets them right.


He is known as the world’s strongest man back in the day but now he is just fat since he is not exactly big on abs.

Farouq or Ron Simmons formed the Acolytes with JBL after the Nation of Domination. They joined another faction like the Ministry of Darkness and ended up going their separate ways when JBL managed to go after the WWE title. These days, Ron would pop up at random WWE shows and just say Damn out for no apparent reason. It would make for some nice comedy moments since we all know it is just a big show where everyone wants to be entertained.


The Rock is the big exception because right now he is the highest-paid actor in Hollywood.

If you look at many wrestlers who end up in Hollywood after wrestling in WWE for quite s long time, you know they already want to move on to a better career. Whether they would want to go back to wrestling would be completely up to them as nobody can decide for them. There will be some big offers when they make a name for themselves in the pornographydiscounts.com business. The Rock starred in such huge movies as Fast and the Furious, Jumanji, and The Mummy. He commands a hefty amount per movie and he looks to start in many more movies in the future. His rugged good looks, awesome physique, and strength make him a good candidate for action movies. He always has the advantage when it is time to shoot the stunt scenes.

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There are even times when they won’t even need a stunt double due to his wrestling background.

We all know wrestling is fake and the Rock is a third-generation superstar. The Rock would sometimes say his FTV Girls discounts catchphrase on the big screen which means the director is probably a wrestling fan of his growing up. There is nothing wrong with that as it would be great to look back at the Attitude era and what could have been. Also, the Rock would always lay the smackdown on his cringe-worthy opponents.