Who We Are: KANO

Kano is creating a world that equips anyone, anywhere to not only understand but also participate in the digital world––to create, and not just consume technology. Together with local partners, Kano aims to empower young people, their parents, teachers, and communities to gain confidence in using technology to create art, games, music, and solve problems.

Our ConnectHome Nation Commitment

As part of the ConnectHome Nation commitment, Kano is:

  • Providing discounted packs of their educational Kano Computer and Screen kits for communities
  • Sponsoring 10 packs for as part of their ConnectHome Nation commitment
  • Pledging training hours by conducting training sessions and assisting with training local mentors

Why We’re Involved in ConnectHome Nation

Since its 2013 launch on Kickstarter, the Kano Computer has been built by over 100,000 curious minds in over 86 countries. Kano for Education has been the cornerstone of STEAM curriculum in schools worldwide, coding clubs, library makerspaces, community programs, and more.  Kano is devoted to bringing Kano Computers and digital training programs to ConnectHome Nation communities. Every Kano pack can provide digital skills and coding training to thousands in the community.